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VIP Package

Servicing a 150 mile radius around Brooklyn

V&A VIP Services Inc offers white glove service and red carpet entry. All attendants will be dressed as specified by client or in our top attire, such as vests with a button down shirt with either bow tie or a tie. With classy shoes and pants. Make a big entrance with a Red carpet! Perfect for events that require a touch of class such as proms, weddings, birthdays, celebrity events & film premiers. Our luxurious red carpets are perfect for adding that wow factor to your event from the moment your guests arrive.


  1. Shuttle Package - Not your average shuttle service. If the Valet lot is far from the event location, we provide pick up and drop of service for our attendees to make sure your guests are not waiting long for their vehicles.
  2. Red Carpet Package - Black, Blue , Red Carpet 15, 20, 30 ft custom sizes available
  3. Custom - White glove service or custom valet signs
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