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Private Events

When it comes to a well-organized parking operation for your private event, whether it's a family reunion, birthday, anniversary, or another kind of celebration, V&A VIP Services Inc can help. Our valet and parking solutions are available to a wide variety of events. We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of service and convenience that your guests can appreciate. Parking attendants are always available so that parking will never be a hassle, regardless of what emergencies may come up.

For larger venues, traffic management and parking supervisors are provided alongside shuttles. We can also provide additional concierge services when needed, including hosts, doorman services, and security. Managers will be available at all times to address any immediate concerns that arise. Courteous and efficient customer service extends to our valet attendants. All our valet attendants are trained and are helpful with assisting guests in and out of their vehicles. With extensive experience working at all type of facilities in residential and urban settings, we understand how to provide tailored services for both indoor and outdoor facilities. V&A VIP Services Inc has over 10 years of experience in providing valet parking and other catered services for private functions.

We look forward to helping you make your party run more smoothly. Fore more information about VIP parking services for private parties in the Brooklyn, NY area, contact us at (646) 577-4132 today! We are more than happy to provide you a quote.

Our valet company provides private events such as:

❐ Graduations ❐ Birthdays ❐ Business Meetings ❐ Weddings
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